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Warden Abbey Vineyard 2013 Wines

Derek - Sat, March 08, 2014

Warden Abbey Vineyard

2013 Vintage

Bacchus Reichensteiner

White flowers a hint of elderflower the nose has an attractive mix of spring flowers. The start of the palate is fresh citrusy but it fills out in the middle with a tropical fruit mix and a hint of white peach. The sweetness on the back palate is balanced by lime freshness and the finish has a good length of flavour.

Müller Thurgau Regner

The nose has white flowered fragrances and although the palate starts with green apple firmness there is sweetness in the middle more of a tropical fruit mix. The white peach at the back is underpinned by apple a mix of flavours a bitter sweet charm and the finish has fragrance and length.

Two wines were made in 2013. The tasting notes (see above) but the names are still under discussion.

For further information contact Jane Markham


The Vineyard is now run by the Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity

Wines finally blended in March this year

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