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Sea Cloud Venice to Athens

Derek - Sun, August 17, 2014

Arblaster & Clarke Wine Tours

Venice to Athens Cruise on Sea Cloud

Just two so far of the many wines enjoyed

Bartul Cebalo


Korcula Island


White Wines

GRK 2013

95 2014-19

The nose has the freshness of limes and lemons and the start of the palate has the same mix of citrus flavours. There is more depth on the mid palate pear and pineapple complex layers of flavour with freshness yet depth of flavour at the back and on the finish.

Edi Simcic



Sweet White Wines

Edi’s Selection 2004

97 2014-24

Ribolla Gialla Sauvignon Blanc Chardonnay

Tangerine, dried fruits, orange peel, almonds there is a lot happening on the nose. The palate is lush fleshy sweet fruited but towards the back it feels lighter with fresh tangerine but the sweetness comes through at the back fleshy and rich sensuous with a complex mix of ripe flavours.

Sea Cloud Venice to Athens
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