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Marsyas & Bargylas Lebanon & Syria

Derek - Fri, November 01, 2013

Château Marsyas & Domaine Bargylus

Karim & Sandro Saadé

Both wineries the first in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley and the other at Jebel al-Ansariyeh in Syria are making exciting quality wines

Domaine Bargylus Blanc 2009

93 2013-15

Chardonnay 60% Sauvignon 40%

The nose is very Sauvignon dominated crisp citrusy and gooseberry and although the start of the palate has the same racy freshness is fills out in the middle with tropical fruit richness. Layers of fruit freshness yet fruit sweetness give lots of complexity and the finish has all the racy freshness of the citrus mix.

Château Marsyas Blanc 2011

93 2013-17

Chardonnay 60% Sauvignon 40%

Although the grape mix is the same as Bargylus the nose has a richer sweeter ripe greengage and melon character and the palate starts with a fleshy richness. Under the ripe melon the rich greengage citrus lime and grapefruit refreshes.

Domaine Bargylus Rouge 2007

93 2013-20

Syrah 40% Cabernet Sauvignon 35% Merlot 25%

Red fruits refresh the nose but the palate has black fruits to the fore rich ripe bramble and cassis the sweet mid palate given complexity by herbal freshness. The tannins are well handled the mid palate supple then towards the back bilberry, bramble and some spicy peppery red fruits refresh and give a more elegant feel to the finish.

Domaine Bargylus Rouge 2008

94 2013-22

Syrah 40% Cabernet Sauvignon 35% Merlot 25%

The nose has a black fruited richness with lots of blackcurrant and black cherry the richness of the fruit the ripe black plum filling out the mid palate. Towards the back it feels fresher still very black fruit in character and although the finish has depth there is also black pepper spiciness.

Château Marsyas 2009

93 2013-23

Cabernet Sauvignon50% Syrah 30% Merlot 15% Petit Verdot 5%

Blackcurrant and black cherry are rich the nose packed with fruit and the palate is very black fruit dominated. The mid palate is supple and rich with lots of black plum and rounded tannins yet there is structure a backbone and an underlying freshness that adds to the complexity.

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Marsyas & Bargylas Lebanon & Syria Marsyas & Bargylas Lebanon & Syria Marsyas & Bargylas Lebanon & Syria
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