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Condrieu - great wines

Derek - Sun, November 17, 2013

Some great wines from Condrieu

Pierre Gaillard


Condrieu l’Octroi 2011

93 2014-22

The mix of yellow peach and apricot is sweet a lovely richness on the nose and depth on the palate. There are fresh fruits in evidence a hint of lime a touch of greengage and this gives a lighter feel to the mid palate but back palate and finish are packed with the richness of sweet ripe apricot and fleshy peach.

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Georges Vernay


Condrieu Terrasses de l’Empire 2012

95 2014-24

There is lots of complexity on the nose white peach fragrances and apricot richness. The palate is lush fleshy layers of flavour the richness and ripeness of the fruit underpinned by a hint of lime that refreshes and gives a less concentrated feel on the back palate. The finish has depth and the sumptuous richness of ripe fruit.

Condrieu Coteau de Vernon 2011

96 2014-24

The nose is packed with powerful flavours rich yellow peach some apricot under pinned by more fragrant white peach. The richness on the palate the layers of fleshy fruit are balanced by the apple and lime freshness that comes through towards the back.

Condrieu Chailles d’Enfer 2008

93 2013-19

The nose is rich packed with ripe yellow peach and apricot and the palate starts with lots of lush fleshy fruit. Although the mid palate feels lighter a touch of apple some fresh lime it fills out towards the back a lovely depth of flavour the richness of ripe fruits and a finish packed with flavour.

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René Rostaing


Condrieu La Bonnette 2012

96 2014-19

The nose is bright mineral flinty with a mix of flavours whilst the palate is deep full of white peach and richer apricot concentrated and complex. There is mid structure a racy mineral streak yet the back palate is packed with fleshy peach and apricot.

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