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Weingut Georg Mosbacher

Derek - Wed, June 11, 2014

May 2014 Tasted at the Winery

Weingut Georg Mosbacher

Forst Pfalz

Sauvignon Blanc Trocken 2013 90 2014-18

The tropical fruit mix of the nose is sweet a ripe feeling and the start of the palate has richness. Under the fuller flavours gooseberry and lime refresh and give crispness on the finish.

Riesling Trocken 2013 90 2014-19

Lean and flinty the nose is fresh and the start of the palate light and crisp. The fruit on the mid palate is quite sweet the back palate has richness but is the flint, mineral and citrus at the back that give a lean and directional finish.

Forster Musenhang Riesling Trocken 2013 92 2014-20

Light white flowered with a citrus mix the nose is fresh and the start of the palate quite crisp. There is a little more weight of fruit in the middle but the freshness on the back palate brings out the fragrances and gives a racy crispness to the finish.

Forster Musenhang Riesling Trocken 2012 91 2014-19

The nose has depth the palate tropical fruits quite broad the richness the ripe fruit underpinned by grapefruit that gives freshness at the back. The finish though is fuller ripe fruited less mineral in character.

Ungeheuer Forst Riesling 2012 Grosses Gewächs 94 2014-24

There is a more serious feel concentrated flavours tropical fruits white peach a lovely depth and richness. The layers of flavour give complexity the touch of citrus freshness the mineral a salty flinty feel on the finish.

Forster Ungeheuer Riesling Auslese 2007 95 2014-26

The nose has depth of fruit richness the palate is sweet lush lots of ripe apricot some tropical fruits. Under the richness tangerine refreshes and adds to the complexity. Fresh at the back the finish has peppery spice excitement.

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