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Two Southern French Wineries from Red Squirrel Wines

Derek - Sat, September 10, 2016

Clos Rocailleux


Far from the Eye 2015

Len de l’El

88 2016-20

Light citrusy the nose is fragrant the start of the palate fresh Pineapple and pear in the middle some richer fruit with a lime lemon mix coming through at the back and refreshing the finish.

Braucol Rosé 2015

89 2016-20

Fresh red fruits rose petal fragrances the palate is richer with wild strawberry and redcurrant. Light at the back the mix of red fruits give brightness and freshness on the finish.

Classique Rouge 2012

Syrah 70% Braucol 30%

91 2015-21

Red fruits the nose has herbal freshness the palate richer with depth and sweetness of fruit. There is a lot happening on the palate meaty, black olives, black fruits but at the back the more dominant red fruits refresh bringing out black pepper spiciness.

Reserve Rouge 2012

Syrah 60% Braucol 30% Duras 10%

92 2016-21

Black fruits the nose has sweetness and depth the start of the palate ripe fruited with rich black cherry. There is a mid freshness a mix of red fruits and although fresh at the back the finish has black fruited sweetness.

Colline de l’Hirondelle


Cocolico 2011

Chenançon 40% Grenache 40% Syrah 20%

92 2016-22

The nose has the freshness of autumn raspberries the start of the palate a mix of red and black fruits. Strawberries and ripe plums give a fleshy suppleness in the middle dark chocolate concentration and richness ripe rounded tannins the finish though fresher with white pepper excitement.

L’Oiseau 2011

Carignan 55% Grenache 35% Syrah 10%

90 2016-20

The fruit has herbal spicy undertones the nose a mix of fragrances. Sweet black fruit is backed by fresh red layers of flavour. Although sweet black fruits show at the back the finish has more red fruits a peppery freshness.

Carignan ‘1515’ 2012

92 2016-21

Both nose and palate have an autumn hedgerow mix of fruits, blackberries, rosehips and sloes. Sweet in the middle depth of fruit and although there is a rich mix of fruits at the back the finish is lighter with a touch of spice.

La Joupatière 2011

Carignan Grenache Cinsault Mourastel Boucher Rivairenc Noir Grand Noir de la Calmette Mourvèdre Terret Noir Terret Gris Terret Blanc Olivetter Blanche Chasselas Doré et Trois Cepages Inconnues

94 2016-21

Spices, white pepper a hedgerow mix the nose has a lot of fragrances the palate richness sweetness yet underlying freshness. Layers of flavour give complexity ripe fruit mid sweetness, red fruit freshness at the back the finish has pepper spice herbal excitement.

Two Southern French Wineries from Red Squirrel Wines
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