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Stobi Winery Macedonia

Derek - Sat, July 04, 2015


Tikvesh Wine Region Macedonia

The Wine Society Dining Club Dinner

Carlton Club

Tuesday 23rd June 2015

Zilavka 2013

91 2014-17

Zesty fresh the nose is lime and lemon driven and the start of the palate has crunchy crispness. The mid palate is slightly richer more of a grapefruit character but at the back the lime and lemon mix refreshes the finish long and fragrant.

Vranec 2011

92 2015-20

The nose is fresh with a bramble and red cherry mix but the palate is richer with a nice depth of flavour. Layers of fruit give complexity first red fruits then black fruits lots of interest. The sweet fruit is backed by sour cherry and bramble the finish has spicy excitement.

Tasted in Lilley

Sunday 28th June 2015

Zilavka 2014

92 2015-18

The nose has a vibrant citrus freshness the start of the palate a mix of lemon and lime. There is mid sweetness white peach with a hint of apricots a nice depth of fruit. Towards the back tangerine refreshes a complex mix of fruits with the flavours lingering on the finish.

Stobi Cuvée 2014

92 2015-18

R’Kaciteli 70% Zupljanka 29% Chardonnay 1%

Tropical fruits, white peach the nose and the start of the palate has depth. Under the fruit salad of flavours apple and lemon refresh an attractive bitter sweetness with the richer fruits giving depth of flavour on the finish.

Stobi Rosé 2014

90 2015-17

Vranec Cabernet Sauvignon

The mix of red fruits is fresh red cherry backed by raspberry and although light at the start the mid palate has more depth a wild strawberry and loganberry mix. The finish is bright fresh with a nice length of fruit.

Muscat Ottonel 2014

91 2015-17

Rose petals, summer flowers the nose has mix of fragrances the start of the palate fresh with hints of oriental spices. The mid palate has more depth with apricot richness backed by tangerines with a lime and lemon mix refreshing the back palate and bringing out spicy exotic fragrances on the finish.

Stobi Winery Macedonia Stobi Winery Macedonia Stobi Winery Macedonia
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