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Derek - Tue, October 07, 2014

Staatskellerei Zürich


Sparkling Wines

Etat Brut 89

Pinot Noir

Methode Traditionelle

Dégorgement November 2012

The nose is fresh with a mix of citrus fruits and the palate starts with lime and lemon. Sweeter in the middle some apricot, yellow peach and pineapple yet there is fresh fruit at the back giving a lighter feel on the finish.

White Wines

Riesling 2013

92 2014-18

The nose is rich full of tropical fruit and the start of the palate has the sweetness of ripe fruit. The apple and grapefruit in the middle refresh and although the back palate is richer some lovely sweet fruit the finish is bright and fresh.

Akkurat Weiss 2013

92 2014-17

Blauburgunder Riesling-Sylvaner Muscat

Vin de Pays Suisse

Limes and grapefruit the nose is racy and fresh fruited and although the start of the palate is very citrus driven the mid palate has pineapple richness. The mix of fruits gives complexity the sweeter fruit under4pinned by tangerine and grapefruit the finish has an attractive depth of flavour.

Pankraz 2013 Blanc Noble Prestige

92 2014-17

Sauvignon Blanc

Vin de Pays Suisse

There is a fragrant charm on the nose perfumed fresh limes and white flowers. Fresh fruited on the start of the palate an attractive citrus mix but the mid plate is richer more of a grapefruit character. The finish has length and a lively freshness.

Compleo Pinot Gris 2013

91 2014-17

Vin de Pays Suisse

The nose has richness and depth the palate a mix of ripe pear and peach. There is some underlying acidity a brighter feel on the back palate but the rich flavours give more depth and richness on the finish.

Staatsschreiber Cuvée Blanc Prestige 2013

91 2014-18

Pinot Noir Riesling-Sylvaner Muscat Gewürztraminer

AOC Zürich

The nose is fragrant floral with a mix of oriental spices the palate quite rich peaches and oranges. Sweet in the middle supple and fleshy at the back there is a slight lack of underlying freshness. The finish has all the perfumed spiciness of the nose.

Rosé Wines

Pankraz Pinot Noir Rosé 2013

Vin de Pays Suisse

The nose has a mix of fruits raspberry and wild strawberry quite fresh and fruity the palate very red fruited in character. There is more depth in the middle lovely rich mulberry with the back palate and finish bright lively fresh fruited.

Red Wines

Akkurat Rot 2011

92 2014-20

Pinot Noir

Vin de Pays Suisse

The black fruited mix on the nose the bramble and fresher bilberry have an attractive spiciness. The start of the palate is sweet a touch of dark chocolate ripe black plum the fleshiness balanced by freshness at the back.

Pankraz 2011 Rot Prestige Barrique

92 2014-22

Pinot Noir

AOC Zürich

Rich on the nose the bramble and black cherry on the palate are backed by mulberry a complex mix of flavours. The fruit is ripe with under the richer flavours lots of spicy oak and although depth at the back the finish is lighter with more of a bramble influence.

Compleo Cuvée Noire 2012

91 2014-21

Pinot Noir Diolinoir Cornalin

Vin de Pays Suisse

Lean and fresh on the nose the start of the palate is firm black fruited cherry and sloes the fruit backed by oak spiciness. There is a sweeter feel in the middle a touch of cocoa and although quite rich at the back the finish is firm and structured.

Staatsschreiber Blauburgunder 2012

91 2014-18

AOC Zürich

The nose is fresh the start of the palate quite light with an attractive mix of bramble and mulberry. It fills out in the middle with sweet fruit but the freshness is there at the back the finish bright with a lovely bramble and mulberry mix.

Gamaret 2010 Prestige Barrique

96 2014-24

AOC Zürich

Rich on the nose fleshy prunes black plum on the palate there is a supple chocolate richness in the middle. The sweet fruited power is balanced by fresher fruit all very black fruit in character some black cherry and bramble. The back palate has depth richness the finish spicy oak.

Pinot Noir Tête de Cru 2009

95 2014-22

AOC Zürich

There is some bramble some mulberry a fresh mix on the nose and the start of the palate is fresh and quite light. The mid palate has depth a rich mix of flavours layers of fruit giving complexity. The power the richness is balanced by freshness at the back.

ÉO Noir 2012

96 2014-25

Gamaret 75% Merlot 25%

Vin de Pays Suisse

Rich on the nose a lovely depth of flavour and the palate has sweetness prunes, dark chocolate and coffee beans. The fleshy sweetness the suppleness of the mid and back palate is balanced by fresher black cherry and bramble the finish lighter long and elegant.

Sweet Red Wines

Vintage 2008

92 2014-26

Pinot Noir


Perfumed on the nose rich ripe black fruited on the palate the fruit is backed by dark chocolate, coffee beans and caramel a lovely depth and sweetness of flavour. The rich sweet fruit is underpinned by some freshness a nice balance with the fleshy sweetness enriching the back palate.

Staatskellerei Zurich Staatskellerei Zurich Staatskellerei Zurich
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