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Derek - Sat, December 19, 2015

Pol Roger


Tasted on Friday 20th June 2014 in Epernay

Cuvée de Réserve 1892

94 2014-20

A mix of nuts, hints of tobacco some dried apricots there is a lot happening on the nose. The mid palate is quite sweet a feeling of quite high original dosage yet there is freshness at the back very alive the freshness bringing out the mix of flavours. The finish has an old sherry character.

Extra Cuvée Réserve 1914

96 2014-24

The nose has a nutty complexity with citrus freshness and the palate is amazingly youthful and fresh. Dried apricots some yellow peach give more depth in the middle the richer flavours beautifully balanced by apple freshness at the back. The finish is long persistent with lingering flavours.

Brut Réserve 1921

95 2014-24

The fruit on the nose is sweet the start of the palate rich with depth of flavour peachy, nutty with dried apricots. There is a remarkable freshness an amazing feeling of youth that brightens and lifts the flavours. The richer sweeter fruit fills the back palate and finish.

Vintage 1979

Pinot Noir 60 % Chardonnay 40%

96 2014-2020

There is an amazing freshness on the nose. The palate has the richness of toasted brioche, almonds and apricot but towards the back the freshness takes over, apple and grapefruit refreshing and lifting the flavours. The back palate has a mouth filling richness the fruit mix backed by marzipan.

Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill 1988

Pinot Noir Chardonnay (more Pinot than Chardonnay from Grand Cru sites)

97 2014-26

The nose has white flower fragrances with hints of almonds and hazel nuts. The palate starts quite light with citrus and apple but fills out in the middle with apricot and brioche. Rich at the back yet it feels lighter on the finish with vibrancy, length and elegance.

Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill 1996

Pinot Noir Chardonnay

97 2014-30

The fruit on the nose is rich apricots and peach a lovely depth of flavour and the palate has a lot of powerful flavours. The mix of rich fruit the creamy mid palate is backed by freshness tart apple the freshness bringing out a hazel nut character, a touch of old leather the back palate is crisp the finish lean long stylish.

Pol Roger Older Vintages
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