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Pauillac Oldies

Derek - Sun, March 26, 2017

Pauillac Oldies

Pauillac 1992

Bottled for GranCru Pauillac

87 2017-20

The nose has bramble and bilberry freshness the start of the palate is light. There is some mid sweetness cassis and a touch of black cherry the back palate lighter fresh with just a hint of maturity on the finish.

Pauillac 1997

Bottled for Waddesdon Manor

90 2017-21

The mix of black fruits on the nose is sweet the start of the palate fresher with bramble and bilberry. There is mid sweetness some rich fruit black cherry and although fresher at the back it finishes with sweetness.

Pauillac Oldies Pauillac Oldies
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