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Derek - Fri, December 30, 2016



Blanco 2016

Sauvignon Blanc 100%

92 2016-20

The nose has a mix of flavours fresh lime backed by tropical fruits the palate has layers of fruit tangerine and grapefruit mid richness yet freshness exciting, complex, bitter sweet. Fragrant herbal lots of interest the back palate has rich fruit depth of flavour the finish is bright with lime and lemon freshness.

Rosado 2016

Monastrell 60% Syrah 40%

92 2017-19

Ripe wild strawberries the nose has rich fruit the start of the palate and mid palate red cherry and mulberry depth of flavour. There is balance an underlying freshness some redcurrants and raspberries the finish fuller with just a hint of sweetness.

Joven 2016

Monastrell 85% Syrah 15%

92 2017-22

The nose has a mix of flavours with bilberry freshness and black cherry richness the start of the palate is the same freshness backed by rich sweet fruit. Supple and fleshy in the middle generous with ripe black fruits lighter towards the back with the sweet fruit giving richness and depth on the finish.

Crianza 2014

Monastrell 85% Syrah 15%

93 2017-25

The nose has depth the start of the palate intensity a rich mix of black fruits. The mid palate is slightly lighter with autumn hedgerow fruits bramble and rosehips a hint of herbal spice but it fills out at the back with the richness of ripe black fruits, dark chocolate and roasted coffee beans. The finish has length of flavour.

Selección 2015

Syrah 85% Monastrell 15%

93 2018-26

There is a concentrated mix of black fruits the nose has depth the palate a brooding richness. Firm black cherry is backed by softer fleshier plum the tannins are firm but fine concentrated fruit in the middle. Bramble and bilberry gives a lighter fresh feel at the back the finish has sweetness, a hint of oak spice, aromatic and peppery.

Barrica 2015

Monastrell 85% Syrah 15%

92 2018-25

The nose is still quite tight and the start of the palate firm yet there is sweet fruit on the mid palate a mix of ripe black cherry and damsons, the tannins although firm are discreet. The back palate has richness and depth concentrated flavours with a powerful mix of black fruits the finish fresher with hints of oak spice.

Monterebro New Vintages Monterebro New Vintages
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