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Mercouri Estate Peloponnese Greece

Derek - Tue, August 19, 2014

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Mercouri Estate


Ichthis Peninsula



White Wines

Folio 2013 92 2014-18

Red Roditis 90% Viognier 10%

The nose has white flowered fragrance the palate more depth a lovely tangerine richness. Under richer fruit citrus and apple freshness balances and lifts the flavours on the back palate and finish.

Kallisto 2013 91 2014-18

Assyrtico 80% Robola 20%

Fresh fruits lime and lemon on the nose but the palate is richer with more breadth and depth. Ripe pears give way to citric freshness the finish bright and refreshing.

Coma Berenices 2013 89 2014-18

Viognier 100%

Peaches and apricots the nose is rich the palate starts with depth of fruit a touch of brioche hints of vanilla and although lighter with fresh fruit at the back the finish is rich quite fat and fleshy.

Rosé Wines

Lampadias Rosé 2013 87 2014-15

Avgoustiatis 50% Agiorgitiko 50%

Rose petal red cherries there is a lot happening on the nose. There is mid freshness quite light firmer at the back and finishes a touch short.

Red Wines

Domaine Mercouri 2010 91 2014-20

Refosco Mercouri 85% Mavrodaphne 15%

The nose has a mix of red fruits and the start of the palate has wild strawberries, red cherries and redcurrants. It fills out in the middle more coffee and dark chocolate with a hint of cinnamon on the finish.

Domaine Mercouri 2006 92 2014-21

Refosco Mercouri 60% Refosco dal Penducolo 20% Mavrodaphne 20%

Bright and red fruited on the nose rich on the palate with lots of chocolate in the middle. At the back there is a strong red fruited influence with cinnamon and a touch of bitter red cherry on the finish.

Refosco Mercouri 2011 93 2014-24

Refosco Mercouri 100%

Intense penetrating red fruits a complex mix on the palate bitter red cherry and sweeter richer red plum. The back palate is racy fresh at the start with richer flavours coming through towards the back serious with a lovely depth of flavour on the finish.

Antares 2010 92 2014-20

Avgoustiatis 60% Mourvèdre 40%

The nose is perfumed a bouquet of spring violets the palate has depth with lots of bramble and black cherry. Towards the back it feels fresher with a strong red fruit influence the freshness at the back highlighting the herbal white pepper on the finish.

Cava 2010 93 2014-22

Refosco dal Penducolo 20% Mavrodaphne 20%

Smokey on the nose floral with lots of violets the start of the palate has the same fragrant charm. Red fruits dominate the mid palate red cherry and red plum with under the fresher red fruits chocolate richness. The back palate has some leathery spice the finish has great length.

Sweet Red Wines

Chortais 2006 93 2014-20

Mavrodaphne 55% Korinthiaki 45%

Rich and fleshy both nose and palate has ripe black fruits and dark chocolate. The fleshy sweetness the caramel richness is balanced by fresher fruit at the back more bramble and black cherry in character but the finish is lush sumptuous ripe and rounded the mouth filled with rich flavours.

Mercouri Estate Peloponnese Greece
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