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Derek - Thu, August 29, 2013



When Crimea became part of Russia in 1783 under Catherine 11 Count Mikhail Vorontsov planted vineyards and produced wine from a range of different vine types. The next step in Crimea’s development was sparkling wine with Prince Golitsyn founding the Novyi Svet winery in the 1820’s. The industry thrived under Tsar Nicholas 11 with the foundation of Massandra and the development of a range of dessert and fortified wines and the start of the famous “Massandra Collection” which stands at some million bottles not only of Massandra wines but wines from the world collected by Tsar Nicholas. The collection was saved from the German’s in 1941 moved to a secret location and then came to the eyes on the world in 1990 with the first of the Sotheby’s sales.

White Wines

Kokour 92 2013-16

Tasted at the Winery August 2013

A grape that has a fascinating mix of flavours on the nose chalk flowers, orange blossom and pine needles. The palate has depth of fruit with the richness of quince jam with a touch of lime bitterness at the back.

Red Wines

Alushta Dry Red 91 2013-17

Cabernet Sauvignon Saperavi Morastel Krasnostop Zolotovskiy Tzimlyanskiy Cherniy

Tasted at the Winery August 2013

The nose is cassis dominated with a nice depth of flavour and the richness gives depth on the palate. The tannins are fine well handled supporting but not aggressive and although black cherry richness is there at the back the finish is lighter fresh with more of a red cherry character.

Saperavi 92 2013-18

Tasted at the Winery August 2013

The nose is fresh with a mix of red and black cherry a lovely underlying bitterness. There is a richer feel on the mid palate a mix of flavours layers of fruit with the bitter sweet mix giving lots of excitement on the finish.

Cabernet Sauvignon 89 2013-20

Tasted in Katsively August 2013

Bilberry and bramble give freshness on the nose and a light start to the palate. There is more of a red fruit influence on the mid palate adding to the freshness and although it fills out towards the back and there is a sweeter feel the finish is fresh fruited.

Sherry Style

Oreandra Dry Sherry 92 2013-20

Albillo Sercial Verdelho Aligoté

Tasted at the Winery August 2013

The nose has apple freshness with hints of Flor and the start of the palate is yeasty with an underlying walnut character. It fills out in the middle some sweet fruit but towards the back the salty freshness the hints of flor give lots of complexity.

Massandra Sherry 94 2013-28

Albillo Sercial Verdelho Aligoté

Tasted at the Winery August 2013

The nose has a nutty richness and the palate is full of apricots and roasted nuts. There are layers of flavour a lovely balance of sweetness and dryness with a lot happening on the back palate richness of fruit mixed with almonds and walnuts.

Madeira Style

Massandra Madeira 95 2013-30

Albillo Sercial Verdelho

Tasted at the Winery August 2013

The wine is made in a way similar to that used in Madeira the wine aged in large oak cask in the sun for five years. The nose has apricot and yellow peach richness and although the palate has depth and richness it is lighter towards the back with a fragrant almond and hazel nut charm. It fills out on the back palate and finishes with real depth.

Massandra Madeira 1998 96 2013-28

Tasted at the Winery August 2013

Roasted nuts almonds and walnuts are backed by apricots. The nose is fresh a complex mix of fragrances and the start of the palate quite rich with ripe apricots. The fruit on the mid palate is underpinned by roasted nuts a complex mix of fragrances that linger on the finish.

Dessert & Liqueur White Wines

Ai-Danil Pinot Gris 93 2013-24

Tasting in Berkeley Square London July 2013

The nose is rich with figs, dried fruits and apricots lots of different flavours. Ripe dates, figs and apricots are underpinned by the freshness of limes and tangerines lots of complexity. The sweetness of the fruit the honeyed richness fills out the back palate and finish.

Surozh Kokour 96 2013-30

Kokour 100%

Tasted at the Winery August 2013

The nose has a honeyed richness with a mix of fragrances mountain flowers, hints of spice and pine needles. The palate is unctuous full of ripe melon caramelized pear and quince jam the honeyed richness underpinned by a hint of bitterness. The finish has depth sweet fruited nutty and rich.

Lieutenant Golitzin 95 2013-25

Aligoté Kokour Rkatsitelli

Tasted at the Winery August 2013

There lots of different fragrances on the nose lots of spring flowers. The palate is quite delicate at first tropical fruits some white peach with richer apricot in the middle. There is mid sweetness richness yet the freshness with a mix of fragrances on the stylish elegant long finish.

Seventh Heaven of Prince Golitzin 96 2013-28

Kokour (10 – 60 year old) Muscat White (10 – 15 year old) Muscat Rose (10 – 15 year old)

Tasted at the Winery August 2013

Spring flowers mountain flowers give lots of charm all backed by hints of oriental perfumes and spices. The palate is rich ripe fruited unctuous with white peach and apricot a touch of pear and quince. Under the sweetness the rich flavours there is citrus freshness giving a lighter feel at the back and bringing out hints of walnuts and spice.

Red Stone White Muscat 95 2013-28

Tasted at the Winery August 2013

Oriental spicy perfumes and rose petals overlay peach and apricot. The palate is sweet lush ripe fruited yet there is an underlying freshness coming from the mix of tangerines and oranges. The finish has heady exotic perfumes a spiciness fragrance that lingers on the finish.

Port Style

Livadia Red Port 94 2013-30

Cabernet Sauvignon 100%

Tasted at the Winery August 2013

The nose has richness and depth lots of black fruits with a strong cassis character. The mid palate is sweet ripe fruited fleshy with layers of blackcurrant and black plum. There is freshness some bitter bilberry that balances the sweetness yet the finish has richness depth and power.

Sweet Red Wines

Bastardo 93 2013-25

Tasted in Katsively August 2013

The nose is lush rich and sweet fruited with lots of ripe mulberry and coffee beans. There is a fleshy richness on the palate black plum and chocolate supple tannins an opulent mid palate. Towards the back bitter cherry dominates the sweeter flavours but the finish is lush ripe opulent.

Kagor 96 2013-30

Saperavi 100%

Tasted at the Winery August 2013

Although the mix of black and red cherry is sweet and ripe the nose has lots of spicy fragrances. The palate has richness depth opulence with lots of coffee, chocolate and prunes. Towards the back is it fresher with an exciting bitter cherry character and the finish although rich and sweet is spicy with hints of black pepper.


Massandra Wines
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