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Haut-Bailly Vertical

Derek - Fri, May 24, 2013

Château Haut-Bailly


Fifteen Years ownership by Robert & Elisabeth Wilmers

Tasted at the Château - April 2013

1998 94 2013-26

The nose is smoky fragrant with a mix of black fruits lots of cassis and black cherry. The palate has depth of flavour black olives and liquorice the richness balanced by fresher fruit towards the back. The slightly lighter finish has lots of charm.

1999 91 2013-20

Although the nose is quite firm there is an underlying freshness bilberry and bramble to the fore. The start of the palate is sweet quite rich and supple but towards the back it’s lighter and just beginning to dry.

2000 95 2014-26

The nose has a black fruited power and depth dark and brooding and the palate has richness of flavour. The mid tannins are firm slightly tight at the moment but behind the barrier the mass of cassis and black cherry, liquorice and coffee beans enrich and fill out the finish.

2001 91 2013-25

The mix of fruit on the nose is fragrant and quite fresh and the start of the palate is quite light. There is mid sweetness more richness and depth of fruit all very black fruited in character then towards the back the sweetness gives way to bilberry freshness and the finish is light, fragrant and long.

2002 92 2013-25

Bramble, black cherry and bilberry give freshness on the nose and the start of the palate. There is a sweeter feel on the mid palate still very black fruit in character and although towards the back it is firmer the finish has depth and richness of ripe fruit.

2003 91 2013-25

The fruit is ripe the nose full of sweet flavours. The mid palate has a supple fleshiness but towards the back the tannins are more in evidence quite firm giving a tighter feel to the finish.

2004 93 2014-28

The nose is firm the palate quite tight yet meaty and rich with lots of black cherry. Liquorice and dark chocolate add to the depth of flavour and although slightly lighter on the back palate the finish has black cherry richness.

2005 94 2014-28

There is a mass of ripe fruit on the nose and depth of flavour on the palate. Black plum gives sweetness and richness in the middle underpinned by firmer black cherry and sloe. There is a feel of power yet style and elegance.

2006 93 2016-30

The fruit on the nose is fresh bright with bramble and bilberry and as the tannins are firm the fruit tends to be a bit hidden. It fills out towards the back layers of flavour a lovely complexity with the fruit richness filling out the finish.

2007 90 2013-24

Although the nose is light there are some lovely fragrances and fresh fruits. The mid palate has structure firm tannins but there is sweetness towards the back a cassis and red cherry mix.

2008 96 2016-32

The nose has a brooding power lots of rich black fruits and the start of the palate seems firm rather closed. Powerful flavours enrich the mid palate black fruits, black truffles and liquorice. The power richness of fruit is balanced by underlying bilberry and bramble lots of complexity and the finish is long refined elegant.

2009 92-96 2017-35

The black fruits that dominate the nose are ripe the sweetness giving a sumptuous richness to the mid palate. The freshness of bilberry and bramble gives a lighter feel towards the back the fruit slightly held back by firm tannins. There is though lots of fruit to show with time.

2010 92-96 2018-35

The fruit on the nose is bright and fresh an attractive mix of blackberry and black cherry. The mid palate has power of fruit a brooding depth of flavour. Layers of cassis and black cherry are underpinned by liquorice and black truffle the mix giving lots of interest on the finish.

2011 89-92 2017-30

Although the nose has a fragrant charm it is quite light with the freshness of bilberry and red cherry. The palate has a richer feel more weight and depth in the middle but there is just a lack of real substance on the finish.

2012 90-93 2020-35

Black fruits dominate deep brooding black cherry and cassis. The mid palate has ripe fruit the sweetness underpinned by firm tannins and fresh bilberry. Black cherry and cassis fill out and enrich the back palate and finish.

Haut-Bailly Vertical
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