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Exciting older vintages

Derek - Sat, November 05, 2016

Exciting Older Vintages

La Tour Pavillon 1967


Château Loudenne

90 2016-22

The nose is sweet the start of the palate has ripe cassis and black cherry. It feels fresher in the middle with bilberry and bramble still remarkably youthful very much alive the tannins fine. Sweet and ripe at the back depth of flavour the finish showing just a hint of maturity.

Château Chantegrive 1971


89 2016-20

The nose has red fruited freshness fragrance the start of the palate light but there is mid sweetness. The tannins are fine not obvious more black fruits show towards the back stylish elegant the finish has fair depth and sweet fruit.

Saint-Amand 1978


88 2016-21

The nose has a fragrant mix of peaches and tropical fruits the start of the palate is light but there is mid sweetness a rich mix of sliced orange peel and apricots. The back palate has fleshy rich fruit the finish lighter fresher with just a hint of spice.

Châteauneuf-du-Pape 1969

Delamont Frères

89 2016-21

(Stowells of Chelsea “bottled in Chelsea” – half-bottle)

The nose has a hint of maturity the palate sweet with ripe fruit mid richness. Remarkably fresh and youthful at the back the finish has depth, sweetness, length with a hint of black pepper spice.

Exciting older vintages Exciting older vintages Exciting older vintages
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