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Domaine Serisier Cadillac Bordeaux

Derek - Mon, March 21, 2016

Domaine Serisier

Cadillac En Fronsadais


A property now owned by an Australian who has returned to his roots Richard Serisier ably supported by his wine maker Stéphane Renié. Based on the plateau de Cadillac the chalky clay soils suit the traditional Bordeaux vines. A wine that goes well with beef, ideal with entrecôte and venison

Le Bout du Monde Rosé 2014


Bordeaux Rosé

92 2016-18

The nose has a mix of red fruits fresh redcurrant and cranberry and the start of the palate is bright. Richer in the middle depth of flavour wild strawberry backed by mulberry but it finishes with freshness length of flavour.

Le Bout du Monde Rouge 2014


93 2018-28

Concentration and depth on the nose the palate has a rich mix of black cherry, Damson plum and cassis. The mid palate is fleshy with dark chocolate richness but there is structure firm but ripe tannins. Bright and fresh at the back and quite firm yet there is sweetness coming through on the finish.

Le Bout du Monde Rouge 2012


92 2016-26

The fruit on the nose is bright and fresh the start of the palate has a mix of bilberry and cassis. There is mid richness and sweetness black plums and ripe black cherry and although lighter and firmer at the back the finish has dark chocolate richness.

Château Montrevel 2014

Merlot 100%

93 2018-28

The nose is firm the start of the palate concentrated with a rich mix of black fruits. Under the tannic structure there is sweetness ripe plums and liquorice dark chocolate at the back but it closes down at the moment on the finish a bit tight the tannins firm but ripe.

Domaine Serisier Cadillac Bordeaux Domaine Serisier Cadillac Bordeaux Domaine Serisier Cadillac Bordeaux
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