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Domaine Senard

Derek - Fri, December 05, 2014

Arblaster & Clarke, Burgundy Celebration – La Vente des Vins

Tuesday 18th November

Domaine Senard


White Wines

Bourgogne Blanc 2012

89 2014-16

Greengage on the nose the palate has depth of flavour with ripe rich fruit in the middle. Apple towards the back balances the fleshy melon the finish fresh and long.

Corton Blanc Grand Cru 2007

96 2014-20

The nose is rich the palate deep with pear and melon fleshy in the middle. Under the rich flavours apple and citrus refresh balance and although there is depth on the back palate the finish is sleek fresh with lots of length. This is an ideal wine for the cheese board.

Red Wines

Aloxe-Corton Rouge 2012

90 2015-20

Mulberry and red cherry the nose has red fruited freshness and the start of the palate is bright. There is more weight depth and richness in the middle still very red fruit with freshness at the back a lighter finish.

Aloxe-Corton 1er Cru Valozières 2007

92 2014-19

Very fragrant the nose has a mix of red fruits redcurrants, raspberries and mulberries. The start of the palate is light fragrant but it fills out in the middle sweetness more depth. Both back palate and finish are light with an attractive butter scotch character behind the fruit adding to the complexity.

Corton Grand Cru Clos du Roi 2012

95 2017-28

The nose has depth the palate breadth black fruited power. Black cherry and cassis are enriched by dark chocolate a powerful mix of flavours with the brooding depth refreshed and lightened by bilberry and bramble.

Corton Grand Cru Clos des Meix 2006

95 2014-22

Although the fruit on the nose feels ripe there is a fragrant charm a mix of mainly black fruits lots of complexity. The palate has depth of flavour rich with ripe tannins sweet black fruits and although towards the back there is a balancing freshness the finish has rich fruited depth.

Domaine Senard Domaine Senard
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