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Chateau Montrose Dinner

Derek - Wed, April 27, 2016

Château Montrose

Saint-Estèphe 2eme Cru

Dinner at Lincoln’s Inn with Hervé Berland

Château Tronquoy-Lalande Blanc 2012

Sémillon 60% Sauvignon Gris 40%

Bordeaux Blanc

91 2016-19

Pineapple richness on the nose the palate has depth sweet fruit with hints of oak. Breadth and richness on the mid palate yet there is an underling citric freshness lighter at the back the finish nutty and bright.

Chicken & Guinea Fowl Terrine, Sage Crumb

Curly Endive & Apple Purée

Château Tronquoy-Lalande 2009


90 2018-36

Bright the nose has a mix of red fruits and bramble the start of the palate is quite fresh. Sweet fruit in the middle richness and depth the tannins firm but rounded and there is rich fruit on the back palate yet the finish is light, bright with bramble freshness.

Grilled Fillet of Beef, Beef Sauce

Pommery Mustard Mash

Carrot & Ale Purée

Wilted Rainbow Chard

Château Montrose 2006

90 2016-35

The fruit is sweet the nose has richness and breadth the palate depth and sweetness a complex mix of black fruits. There is mid freshness bramble and bilberry purity of flavour a balance to the mid richness with hints of cedar wood at the back adding to the complexity.

Château Montrose 2001

92 2016-22

A hint of maturity the nose has a mix of bramble and bilberry. There is more depth on the mid palate ripe cassis and black cherry the tannins are firm but fine and although there is ripe cassis at the back the finish is lighter nutty with a hint of cedar wood.

Château Montrose 1999

91 2016-22

Depth on the nose the palate has sweetness with a complex mix of black fruits bramble and bilberry underpinned by rich ripe cassis and black cherry. The mid suppleness is balanced by freshness but it fills out at the back with meaty richness the finish has depth a powerful mix of rich fruits.

Cheese Plate

Mayfield Firm Cheese / Barkham Blue / Wigmore / Wedmore Smoked Cheese

Lord of London / Isle of Avalon

Château Montrose 1998

91 2016-24

Rich and ripe on the nose the start of the palate has depth of fruit rich black fruits cassis and black cherry underpinned by dark chocolate and liquorice. Fresh towards the back streamlined a bramble bilberry mix but it fills out on the finish with depth of flavour and ripe fruited richness.

Château Montrose 1975

93 2016-20

Fragrant nutty the nose has charm the start of the palate light and bright. It fills out in the middle sweet and ripe an amazing depth of fruit. Bright at the back with red fruits and black fruits the finish has length fragrance with hints of sweetness.

Chateau Montrose Dinner Chateau Montrose Dinner Chateau Montrose Dinner
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