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Chateau L’Eglise-Clinet Vertical

Derek - Fri, May 04, 2018

Château L’Eglise Clinet


Tasting at the Château April 2018


88 2018-19

Leafy nutty fragrant the fruit in the middle is sweet the back palate shows lots of maturity with an autumn forest leaves mix on the finish.


94 2018-24

Black truffles the nose has a fragrant mix the palate sweet and ripe with fleshy mid
richness. Depth at the back the fruit sweet the finish is slightly lighter with
attractive hints of maturity.


96 2018-25

It is lush, voluptuously rich packed with ripe black fruits. Black plum is
enriched by dark chocolate and given depth of flavour by black cherry. There
are fresh flavours balancing all of the sumptuous richness with bilberry very
much leading the field.


95 2018-30

The nose has a fragrant floral charm violets
and fresh bilberries the fruit on the palate is rich and ripe a mix of savoury
black fruits. Fleshy black plum in the middle and ripe tannins add to the mid
suppleness with an added richness from underlying chocolate. There are layers
of flavour complexity the sweetness at the back balanced by bilberry freshness.


96 2020-45

Although the nose is rich ripe black plum dominated there is freshness some bilberry and
bramble in evidence. The mid palate is lush fleshy voluptuous and supple with
rounded tannins. Towards the back fresher black fruits come through and balance
the richness giving a lighter elegant charm to the finish.


92 2021-32

The fruit on the nose is sweet and ripe the start of the palate has rich mix of
black fruits. Lighter at the back bramble and bilberry give a fresher feel but
there us sweet fruit on the finish


94 2018-27

The fruit on the nose is ripe the palate sweet fruited sumptuous with ripe tannins
adding to the suppleness. Black fruits dominate with rich black plum backed by
slightly freshness black cherry layers of flavour. Although the back palate is
fleshy and sweet the finish is lighter stylish and long.


91 2020-30

Sweet black fruits on the nose the palate starts with ripe plum some rich black cherry.
Lighter at the back there is a strong bilberry influence that refreshes the


94-96 2025-40

The nose has a complex mix of flavours the palate the richness of ripe black plum
and the firmness of black cherry. Soft velvety and supple in the middle the
ripe fruit gives fleshy richness with the power and depth of fruit at the back
balanced by underlying bilberry freshness the finish has length and elegance.

Chateau L’Eglise-Clinet Vertical
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