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Chateau Brane-Cantenac Vertical

Derek - Thu, April 20, 2017

Château Brane-Cantenac

Margaux 2eme Cru


89-93 2025-37

Rich ripe sweet fruit the nose has depth of flavour the palate the sweetness of ripe black cherry and cassis. Fresh fruit in the middle gives balance lifts the flavours with at the back some rich black fruits.


90-93 2024-36

The fruit on the nose is sweet the palate has rich ripe black fruits fleshy in the middle supple with fine tannins. There is underlying freshness a bramble and bilberry mix the finish fine, long with a hint of spicy vanilla.


89 2024-35

The nose is light and fresh the palate starts with cassis and bilberries. Richer in the middle the sweet fruit underpinned by firm tannins and although it opens up on the back palate the finish is fresh.


92 2016-26

The nose is light with a mix of red and black fruits and although the start of the palate has richness the mid palate is lighter and quite fresh. Coffee beans and chocolate give depth at the back the finish rich with sweet concentrated flavours.


89 2017-22

The nose has hints of maturity quite light and fragrant with red fruits on the start of the palate. Richer black fruits in the middle but at the back it is the red fruits that dominate lighter leafy, fresher with good length of flavour.


92 2017-24

Depth of fruit on the nose the palate has fleshy richness a mix of ripe black fruits. The tannins are fine and integrated the fruit at the back ripe the finish has the richness of black cherry and cassis.


92 2017-22

Fragrant leafy the nose has charm the palate a bramble and blueberry mix. The start of the palate is fresh but it fills out in the middle with cassis and cherry and the finish has the leafy nutty fragrance of maturity with flavours that linger. There is still a remarkable youthfulness.

Chateau Brane-Cantenac Vertical
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