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Derek - Sat, June 06, 2015

Isole e Olena , Paolo di Marchi

Vertical of Cepparello

Cepparello 2011

93 2017-27

Sangiovese 100%

Bright on the nose the palate starts with fresh black fruits a bramble and bilberry mix. There is mid sweetness ripe fruit all supported by fine tannins. Still firm at the back but the sweet fruit on the finish shows the potential.

Cepparello 2009

95 2015-25

Sangiovese 100%

Rich and ripe on the nose the palate has depth of fruit a brooding richness. Under the powerful mix of flavours there is freshness a lovely balance the back palate supple and rich the finish long with a stylish elegance.

Cepparello 2008

93 2015-24

Sangiovese 100%

The nose is a bit closed at the moment and the start of the palate quite tight. It fills out in the middle with rich fruit depth of flavour layers of red and black fruits giving complexity. The sweetness the ripe flavours are underpinned by firmer black cherry and the finish has bramble freshness.

Cepparello 1995

94 2015-22

Sangiovese 100%

There is an autumn leaf excitement about the nose hints of maturity sweet on the start of the palate slightly fresher in the middle. The back palate has a touch of leathery spice, leafy and fresher the finish a mix of bramble and red cherry, flavours that linger.

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