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A Red Squirrel Selection

Derek - Sat, March 22, 2014

A Red Squirrel Selection

White Wines

Bolo Godello 2012 93 2014-18

Rafael Palacios

Valdeorras Spain

Lime and lemon gives a racy freshness crisp on the nose and the palate has mineral precision. It fills out in the middle apricots and pineapple the richness underpinned by fresher flavours and there is a lovely mineral mix on the finish. The overall feel is bitter sweet excitement.

Abadia do Seixo Albarino 2012 92 2014-18

Pazo de Villarei Rais Baixas

Tangerines and apricots give a lovely rich mix on the nose and the palate starts with some honeyed flavours. The mid palate is lean very fresh with a mix of citrus fruits lime and lemon with a hint of grapefruit. The back palate like the start is fuller a touch of honey but the finish has a lovely racy freshness.

Red Wines

Château La Villatade Noma 2011 92 2014-20

Grenache Syrah


There is a meaty black fruited richness on the nose with sweet ripe fruit on the palate. The fleshy richness is balanced by a mix of red fruits but it the sweet fruit that fleshes out the back palate and gives depth on the finish.

Les Coteaux Chinon 2012 92 2014-21

Domaine la Jalousie

Both nose and palate have a complex mix of black fruits some firm black cherry with fresher lighter bramble. The mid palate is sweet with ripe flavours but it feels firmer at the back herbal and bitter almond on the finish

Syrah Braucol Rouge 2011 91 2014-20

Clos Rocailleux Gaillac

Herbal and fresh on the nose red fruits dominate yet the palate is richer meaty sausages underpinned by black olives a complex mix of flavours. Black pepper spices up the back palate with the red fruits on the finish giving at lighter fresher feel.

Brouilly Cuvée Geoffray 2013 89 2014-19

Château de St Lager

The nose is light fresh with a strong red fruit influence and the palate starts with the same crunchy red fruit mix. There is mid sweetness slightly more depth with brambles intermingling with the red fruits but the finish is lighter a bowl full of raspberries.

A Red Squirrel Selection A Red Squirrel Selection A Red Squirrel Selection
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