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Derek - Sun, February 08, 2015

A selection of wines from 3D Wines Experience

Tasted in Lilley February 2015

Champagne Fresne Ducret Brut Origine NV 90

There is a mix of lime and lemon the nose fresh and bright the palate richer with breadth of flavour. The mid peachiness is balanced by tangerine, sweetness yet freshness the flavours lasting well on the finish.

3D Wines (£18.31)

Sancerre Cuvée Caillottes 2013

91 2015-20

Domaine du Carroir Perrin

Citrus and gooseberry the nose is fresh the start of the palate crisp flinty. There is more depth of fruit in the middle hints of tropical fruits with fresh fruits lime and gooseberry coming through at the back the finish crisp and flinty. The flavours are not exaggerated in fact quite understated very stylish

3D Wines (£12.58)

Chablis 2013

92 2015-21

Domaine Vrignaud

Greengage on the nose the fruit is ripe the start of the palate rich. Fresher in the middle a lime and crisp apple mix the back palate is light and fresh the finish has mineral flint freshness floral and fragrant.

3D Wines (£14.04)

Heaphy Nelson Sauvignon Blanc 2014

88 2015-20

Kahurangi Estate

Gooseberry fresh on the nose the palate is light fresh with some richer fruit on the mid palate. Sweet at the back a touch of wet wool the finish is lacking in real freshness and length.

3D Wines (£10.90)

Beaune 1er Cru Les Avaux 2010

92 2016-23

Domaine Lucien Jacob

Black fruits are to the fore the nose is rich with depth of flavour and the start of the palate sweet. There is mid freshness mulberry under the black fruits but the back palate has depth supple and rich. Red Fruits tend to tighten the finish but there is lots of fruit to show.

3D Wines (£20.46)

Château Mongravey 2009

91 2015-24

Margaux Cuvée 3D

The nose is classical with lots of cassis and black cherry the palate fleshy and ripe fruited. Under the supple fleshiness bramble refreshes the back palate slightly lighter stylish. There is sweetness on the finish a good depth of black fruited power.

3D Wines (£21.28)

Chianti Colli Senesi ‘345 2011

92 2015-21

Monte Chiaro

The nose has a complex mix of fruits red cherry and bramble lots of interest. Fresh on the start of the palate the mid palate is rich fleshy supple with lots of ripe fruit almost Amarone in style. There is enough structure to support with the sweetness of the fruit enriching the finish.

3D Wines (£15.14)

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