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20 Vintages of Sandeman Ports

Derek - Sat, April 05, 2014

Sandeman Vintage Ports

Tasted at the Sign of the Don St Swithin’s Lane London

St George’s Day - 23rd April 2014

1944 89 1970-2020

The nose is light, floral, fragrant and nutty the palate has some apricot sweetness. It is lighter at the back with tangerine freshness roasted almonds and although a touch of spirit has charm.

1955 86 1973-2008

The nose is quite light but has some floral fragrances a bit herbal with a hint of wood. The mid palate is buttery but lacks real richness the fruit fading fast on the back palate.

1957 93 1990-2022

The nose is light fresh and the palate is firm with intensity of flavour some rich fruit and lots of dark chocolate backed by a bowlful of almonds and hazel nuts. The fruit richness of the mid palate is there at the back although it finishes lighter with a touch of spice.

1963 95 1996-2045

The fruit is sweet the nose has depth and the start of the palate lush ripe fruited quite fleshy. Red fruits on the mid palate give a fresher feel the fruit underpinned by hazel nuts, tobacco and almonds and although still quite firm at the back the finish has depth richness a lovely mix of sweet fruits.

1966 87 1990-2012

The nose is light fresh, fragrant a touch medicinal and the palate firm with coarse fruit. It lacks mid heart bitter slightly metallic and although more intensity at the back the finish is light spicy and nutty.

1967 92 2000-30

Sweet, rich, ripe fruited on the nose the start of the palate is fresher with gamey red fruits. There is mid richness ripe apricots black plum lots of complexity the fleshy richness filling out the back palate. There are hints of maturity on the finish light fragrant with nuts, pine needles and spice.

1968 88 1994-2018

Floral fragrant on the nose the mid palate has more depth some richer riper feeling fruit. The sweeter fruit is supported by red fruit freshness and although lighter at the back the finish is a bit coarse and quite simple.

1970 88 2000-20

The nose is remarkably light showing maturity with a nutty red fruited freshness and the palate lacks depth. Nuts, apricots and red fruits have a fragrant charm a mature feel with a hint of alcohol and fading fruit letting down the finish.

1975 88 2000-20

It is very light fragrant and nutty the palate tends to lack depth and fruit richness. There are sweeter flavours in the middle but the back palate and finish are light beginning to dry all a bit short.

1977 93 2002-38

The nose is light yet the start of the palate has more depth some sweet red and black fruits. Black plum and strawberry enrich the middle lighter at the back with a spicy fragrant charm more of a bramble and red fruit influence and lots of hazel nuts on the finish.

1978 83 2014-28

The fruit on the nose is sweet macerated black fruits and the palate has fleshy tarry damsons and black cherry yet although there are layers of flavour there is a lack of real complexity or harmony. The back palate and finish seem over sweet black pitch with hints of alcohol on the finish not a great deal of charm.

1980 87 2002-28

The nose is light fragrant and red fruited with sweet fruit giving richness on the mid palate. Black cherry fleshy very sweet black plum gives slightly more depth but at the back it is firmer quite tight with a very spicy cinnamon finish.

1982 88 2004-28

Sweet on the nose the palate is rich fleshy supple ripe stewed fruits. The black fruited depth is underpinned by fresher fruits a mix of bilberry and bramble. There is a fragrant charm about the finish lighter with red fruits backed by a nutty hint of maturity.

1994 84 2006-20

Both colour and nose are remarkably light and the start of the palate has red fruited freshness. The mid palate has a little more depth some richer flavours with a mix of red and black fruits. It is light at the back lacking substance and already fading.

1997 85 2009-22

The nose has depth richness brooding black fruits and the fruit on the palate is sweet the mid palate has fleshy richness. It is all a bit over sweet a bit sugary and the fruit on the finish is tending to fade leaving it a bit short.

1999 87 2020-30

Firm on the nose the start of the palate is tight with a mix of black fruits. There is mid sweetness black plum some black cherry with bramble and bilberry, cedar wood and spice at the back lightening and refreshing. The tannins are firm all quite taut a slight lack of harmony and no real complexity.

2000 88 2022-40

The black fruits on the nose are quite fresh the start of the palate firm taut the tannins quite obvious. It fills out in the middle with ripe black plums mid sweetness quite fleshy and supple but at the back dominant black cherry and red fruits refresh with the finish lighter and leaner just a touch green.

2003 93 2025-50

The mix of black plum black cherry is rich the palate has a lot of powerful flavours supple and ripe fruited in the middle. There are layers of flavour sweetness a bit hot but there is some underlying bramble balancing refreshing with the sweet fruit filling out the back palate but still firm and taut on the finish.

2007 94 2022-40

The nose has black plum richness the palate depth brooding black fruits. It is sweet in the middle fleshy and ripe with black fruited richness. Firm tannins at the back are taut but the finish has richness suppleness yet vibrancy with depth of fruit.

2011 93 2030-60

Fresh on the nose the palate is fleshy rich supple with ripe black fruits. The tannins are firm but fine the mid palate has black plum richness with lots of complexity layers of rich black fruits. The finish is slightly lighter more of a red cherry character with black pepper spice excitement.

20 Vintages of Sandeman Ports 20 Vintages of Sandeman Ports 20 Vintages of Sandeman Ports
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