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10 Cru of Beaujolais

Derek - Fri, October 05, 2018

Saint-Amour 2015

Domaine de Fa Fleurie

91 2018-24

Black fruits tend to dominate the nose has sweet fruits the start of the palate is rich. There is underlying freshness bramble and mulberry a complex mix. Richer at the back the finish is lighter fragrant with good length.

Julienas “Les Mouilles” 2015

Domaine Pardon et Fils Beaujeu

92 2019-26

Red fruits black fruits the nose has a complex mix of flavours the start of the palate is sweet the fruit ripe. Under the rich fruit bramble and raspberry refresh balance the back palate and finish have freshness and fragrance.

Domaine du Dime Chénas 2014

Domaine Pardon et Fils Beaujeu

91 2018-25

The nose has depth of flavour the fruit rich ripe sweet a mix of mulberry and bramble. There is underlying freshness a mix of raspberry and wild strawberry but it fills out at the back rich and fleshy on the finish.

Moulin-à-Vent 2015

Château du Moulin-à-Vent Moulin-à-Vent

92 2019-26

Depth of flavour the nose has rich mix with black fruits tending to dominate. Layers of fruit on the palate give complexity the fruit sweet and ripe but there is a streak of freshness at the back. The finish has power, depth and a mix of rich black and red fruits.

Fleurie 2016

Dominique Morel Emeringes

92 2019-25

The fruit on the nose is fragrant and fresh a mix of red fruits the palate starts with raspberry and mulberry. Sweeter in the middle the fruit is ripe fleshy and supple but at the back the freshness brightens and gives a lighter feel to the finish.

Chiroubles, Les Scandaleuse 2016

Domaine Bernard Métrat Fleurie

92 2019-26

The nose has fragrance the charm of spring violets the palate a mix of fruits bramble and bilberry with richer wild strawberry. Layers of flavour on the mid palate an attractive complex mix the fruit at the back sweet the finish lighter with lingering flavours.

Morgon Côte du Puy 2016

Domaine Foillard Villié Morgon

93 2019-26

Spring violets the nose has fragrance with sweet ripe fruits at the back. The palate is fleshy and supple ripe strawberries and black cherries layers of complex flavours. There is an underlying minty freshness but the rich ripe fruit dominates and fleshes out the back palate.

Regnié 2016

Domaine Pardon et Fils Beaujeu

92 2018-25

The nose is bright with fresh mainly red fruits the start of the palate light but it fills out in the middle with mulberries and some black cherry. The sweetness at the back is underpinned by freshness the finish has fragrance and length.

Côte de Brouilly, Les Feuilles 2015

Domaine Laurent Matray Saint-Etienne La Varenne

92 2018-24

The nose has attractive minty bramble freshness the start of the palate light with sweet black fruits coming through on the mid palate. Under the richer flavours there is a streak of freshness bilberry some raspberry the finish has fragrance and length.

Brouilly 2016

Château de Pierreux Odenas

92 2018-25

The nose has a mix of mainly black fruits the start of the palate fresher with mulberry behind the black. Sweet in the middle the fruit ripe the tannins soft and rounded and although lighter and quite fresh at the back it finishes with sweet fruit.

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